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AYA Estate Vineyards is located in the Valley of the Struma (PGI), near Melnik (PDO), an area of uncontaminated nature rich in history, whose ideal climate and soils make it particularly well-suited to viticulture and producing high-quality wines. 

140 ha world class estate consists of a gravity-based winery built into a hill and overlooking the vineyards, an art gallery, a manicured park, a small farm, meadows, and more. Visitors and guests of the estate can immerse themselves into the world of wine.

AYA owns a second vineyard, situated just a few kilometers from the shores of the Black Sea and near picturesque Cape Kaliakra, where the white grapes are grown.

Our philosophy to follow entirely organic and biodynamic principles is applied both in the vineyards and during the vinification process. The core principle of our winery – gravity and minimal human intervention allow nature to express terroir at its best. By crossing the Zen garden in the atrium, guests can see the state-of-the-art fermentation hall. They can taste and buy our exquisite wines as well as store their private collections in our wine cellar.


At our vineyards you can see life in all its glory – ladybugs, worms, grasses, weeds, flowers, bees, etc. – biodiversity supporting the vineyards we grow. We integrate nature into our vision and it helps us to create a harmonious world in which each element is in balance, has its place and meaning.




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